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AA Flight Attendant Smacked


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Jan 11, 2002
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Chicago (AP) - - A woman who boarded an American Airlines jetliner in San Francisco is in custody in Chicago this morning - accused of slugging a flight attendant.
Federal officials at O'Hare International Airport say Eva Al-Zaghari was planning to catch a connecting flight yesterday to Amman, Jordan.

Instead, she was charged with interfering with a flight attendant.

The FBI said that near the end of the flight, Al-Zaghari became involved in a fight with a female passenger in the seat in front of her.

Ten minutes before landing - a flight attendant noticed the problem, approached Al-Zaghari and asked what was happening.

Court papers filed by the F-B-I says Al-Zaghari then struck the flight attendant in the face approximately three times. Al-Zaghari was arrested on landing in Chicago. The flight attendant was treated at a hospital and released.


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Dec 19, 2001
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