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AA Crew, Passengers Detained Over Flu Concerns

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Grandpa +65

Well-known member
Mar 1, 2006
AA Crew, Passengers Detained Over Flu Concerns

Updated 1:30 PM CDT, Mon, May 4, 2009
Two American Airlines flight attendants and at least 35 passengers have been detained in Japan over concerns about swine flu, according to a spokesman for the union that represents the airline's pilots.
Allied Pilots Association spokesman Sam Mayer said the passengers and flight attendants from flight 169 were taken to a quarantine facility near the airport.
The flight originated out of Los Angeles and landed at Narita Airport outside Tokyo.
An airline source said a sick passenger on the flight prompted concerns from Japanese health officials. The source said the ill passenger was being tested for flu, along with the passengers seated nearby. Two flight attendants who were working in the same section of the Boeing 777 aircraft were also detained.
It is not yet known if any of the detained passengers actually have H1N1 influenza A, or swine flu.
American Airlines did not immediately return calls seeking comment about the situation.

Chinese authorities said they had quarantined passengers who were on the same flight as a Mexican traveler later diagnosed in Hong Kong with swine flu. None showed symptoms of the virus

Is this another threat for Flight Crew member flying overseas?
How about a turn to Central America or Venezuela, Colombia and the entire flight-crewmembers held hostages, Just because they are overreacting/Panicking and No one showed symptoms?

No flames here, just your thoughts/Opinions/Comments

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