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A question for Pilotyip

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Someone else here told me I should be driving a bread truck instead of flying since I believed in taking food breaks if I get extremely hungry. Wonder if it's the same guy.
Ah, the good ole days! You will notice I never said they were being properly compensated or the level was justified. I just said that they deserved compensation for what they did. Of course this provoked some responses that came from the emotions and not the reality of the situation. Who else was supposed to step in and save as many UAL jobs as were saved? It came out better than EAL where some of my friends ended delivering Pizzas and driving bread truck.
So you like the EAL, Midway I, Braniff I. etc solution better?
Don't break out the bubbly just yet. We'll see how the next year or two works out for United. I would not be surprised to see it liquidate. It is sad for me to see a once proud airline with so much potential run into the ground by a bunch of incompetent buffoons. Before the Delta/NWA merger United had the best international route structure of any airline.

I think PilotYIP would've been a LOT better VP at a regional than most of them out there.


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