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A Question for any Laker...

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Another Hasbeen-Neverwas
Dec 10, 2001
Does Lakes still have ID-90s to use with United? If not are there any travel benefits? See ya, staylow!
On Frontier we get free travel.

UAL- 25 dollar fee per leg for flights under 2000 miles. Anything over 2000 miles and international flights are ID95's. We also get charged airport and tax fees when traveling on UAL. Not that great of a deal anymore since we use to get free unlimited write your owns but it beats nothing I guess.
Thanks beech1900kid.

Thanks for the information.

I was wondering what was happening now that Lakes doesn't fall under the UNITED umbrella. See ya, staylow!
One other thing with the $25 charge with United is that you have to request the pass 2 weeks in advance.

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