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A NOTAM question

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Well-known member
Dec 30, 2001
Here is a question for you know-it-all gurus....

It is my understanding that FDC NOTAMs are published because something important has changed and didn't make it into a publication in a timely fashion. If that is true (it is, right?), I am curious....

To my home airport there are two GPS approaches that show 400 and 800 feet MDAs. There is a NOTAM out that changes them to 1280 and 1000 MDAs.

The big deal is that I have watched over six approach plate updates come and go with no changes to the MDA. The FDC NOTAM is still issued but half the people at my airport don't even know about it and fly in to 400 and/or 800 MDAs...

Is this normal????!
We have something similar that has happened at my airport. They require DME on all the approaches for now since we can not identify our missed holding point without since the VOR normally used is being interferred with by a cell tower. Nothing on the plates yet. I believe they are trying to resolve the issue without changing the approach plates. Unusual, sure but not unheard of.
You are supposed to take your new set of approach plates and look at a copy of the FDC notams and make corrections on the plate. But nobody does!

Not that I would do this, but is'nt it legal to use the FDC notams to update a old copy of approach plates/enroute chart?

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