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A moment of silence and time to reflect

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Diehard Republican
Feb 8, 2005
NJI lost a wonderful pilot yesterday. Steve Hessney was battling cancer and passed away. I flew my very first GV trip with Steve, and he taught me a lot. He was just a fun guy to fly with, and he was way to young for this to happen. He barely battled the cancer for 5 months. Steve had a grin on his face that was one of kind. It was a cross between a smirk, smile, and eyebrow raise. He was from N.Y., I'm from N.C. he called me his "red-neck co-pilot". Steve was prior military I believe and his son is currently in the Air Force Academy.

We often times throw more mud and fire on here than a group of kindergartners fighting over snacks. In the end, its all for not when you see something like this happen. This hit me like a stack of bricks... I could easily be next.

My fellow pilots, and I mean all of you... enjoy the day, and be good to one another. Leather jackets, and who's the best fractional mean nothing today.


Billy V
Sorry to hear about your friend.
My condolences to his loved ones and yourself. It's nice to see you honoring his memory and rehashing the good times. Life is definitely too short.
Well said Billy. Steve was one of the good ones.

I also want to pass along condolences to our colleagues at NJA that also lost a Falcon flight attendant yesterday. I didn't know Mimi but from all accounts she was one of the good ones too.

Tailwinds to you both and may the road rise up to meet you.
While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.
~John Taylor
Sorry for your loss, may his family and friends find peace with him having been a part of their lives.
Nice thread. Puts thngs in perspective...
Very sorry to hear about your friend. It's a destination we all share, but that doesn't make it any easier when it happens.

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