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A little Haiti help?

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Well-known member
Feb 11, 2004
Hi guys/gals,

I am looking for any help regarding the below letter. The letter was written by my good friend's mom. She is scheduled to go on this trip as well and has asked for my help. Even with past freight and pax experience, I am at a loss. I don't know any current 135 DC3 operators which is about the only airplane I can think of that might be able to handle this load. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Our website is haitimdm.com 501 c3 standing
Friends of the Children

We are a group of 15 medical/ dental providers scheduled to leave for Haiti on Feb 25 or Feb 26, 2010. We could leave to come back on March 12, 13th or 14th. The group was scheduled on two departures with an early team to prepare the water purifiers etc but could leave either day together as one team.
We go to an area 6 miles from Jacmel which much of was destroyed in the earthquake. Our group has been treating this village twice a year for 10 years. Along with the recent injuries and large numbers of family members fleeing Port au Prince and Jacmel to join their families in LaMontagne, we also feel the pressure to get to Haiti as planned for several reasons.
We give ongoing care to a large number of people on blood pressure meds and also diabetic meds. We bring these meds with us every 6 months and there is no other source for them. We also have a very agressive prenatal program and newborn care program. Our dentists are the only ones available in the whole mountain area. We have many people with life threatening abcesses everytime we arrive. We expect to see many 5 week old wounds that are infected from injuries during the earthquake. We have the equipment, food, water purifier and tents to stay in at our host village.

Our supplies are packed and ready to go. Our volunteers have taken two weeks off to offer care to this mountain area. We have been scheduled on American Airlines since November and are now losing hope to arrive as scheduled. We have approx. 1800lbs of supplies packed but can adjust either way. We have a whole room of supplies available to bring if extra room would allow. We could cut the team to a smaller number if needed.

It would be ideal to arrive in Jacmel as we are only 6 miles away. (1 1/2 - 2 hours by truck)
or, as long as we can arrive in Port au Prince we can get to the mountain.

If you can find any solution for us we and our village will be ever thankful.
Cyndy Schuetz
Friends of the Children
Haiti transport

Contact Mission Flight International in Ft. Pierce, Fla. Just do a google search. They are coordinatiing and running Ft. Pierce to Port-Au-Prince round trips. They own two DC-3', are running a C208 Caravan, and for the last two weeks have had two-three Saab 2000 round trips per day courtesy of Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing
I just sent them an email. Thanks for the tip! I have a friend with a Saab-2000 type, but his job went away with some team shakeup thing. I don't know NASCAR much, but it sucked for him. If anyone else has ideas, keep 'em coming!


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