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a hole in security?

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
I'm not positive about this, but there're a couple little Puerto Rican Islands off the east end of Puerto Rico called Culebra and Vieques (home of the Navy bombing range).

I know passengers boarding 8 seat Islanders to fly from CPX or VQS to SJU don't go through security at CPX or VQS - they must get checked when they enter the terminal at SJU.
The passengers arriving at SJU on the 135 ops from down island, go through the baggage area only. If they have a connecting jet flight, they must go out the doors at the baggage area and walk up the stairs to the main terminal, and clear security to the concourses.
Great Lakes used to do this as well with their outstations. They would "reverse screen" passengers once they reached DEN, MSP, or ORD. I am not sure if that is still occuring due to them pulling out of cities or 9/11.
Mesaba did this up until 9/11. If you boarded one of our planes and went to MSP you were not screened until you deplaned our plane and entered the terminal. I never knew how they got away with this practice.
If you think that these little inconsistance's in security are really going to make a diffrence, then you have been spoofed right along with the rest of the American public. Anybody with any brains can get past security in any airport in any part of the world, even Israel. It is all a big joke, and I have always said that even before 911.

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