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A Healthy Brown Tinge......

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Active member
May 5, 2003
I just got back from taking an airplane down to GLH (Greenville Mississippi for the uninformed) to get it painted. Just as a note- beware of the water, it has a nice healthy brown tinge to it. Seriously, I have never seen water in a hotel come out looking like watered down tea. The hotel (a Holiday Inn Express) even had a paragraph in the little hotel information book in the room that talked about the color of the water saying that it was safe and had been tested several times. I was able to muster the courage to shower in that water, but I can't say that I drank any of it.

Welcome to the world of the regionals Heavy D. Try having an overnight there at least 3 times a month. now THAT's fun! Always bring a bottle of water to the hotel with you, and if you must shower there do it with your eyes closed. See ya there next week!

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