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Well-known member
Jan 15, 2002
I just finished sim training and am now typed in the Hawker 1000 (YES!!!) Very nice airplane! And I'm very, very happy to be on the NetJets payroll at last!

When I got the offer I quickly became very popular with many other folks at my old company: "Old, buddy, old pal, you know anybody over there? Can you help me out?" Well, gee, i dunno, I feel pretty darn lucky to get myself on, don't know if they'd want to hear my opinion on anybody else. I know Derinda, Linda, and all those folks in there are real busy and doing a great job and I am not about to stick my neck out and risk bothering them. I do, however know a couple pilots who have been very good to me and I wouldn't mind helping them in my turn if I can. Can I? How? All I have in mind is hand carrying a friends resume in and saying that this is a good guy and worth an app (even if it would be next year before he could hope for an interview)

Any opinions?

Support the brotherhood!

Hey TJ....We all feel very blessed to have a job with NetJets Aviation. It would only be right to forward resumes for any of our friends whom we feel would be an asset to NJA. Congrats on the Hawker 1000 type rating! Just finished my initial in the Falcon and feel very fortunate to have landed in this aircraft. Happy contrails and fly safe! HF
Hey TJ,
I believe we interviewed together. I thought you were going to the Ultra? Or did you opt for a 1000 class. Or are you upgrading in the 1000. I'm in the 1000 as well. Man I love this program. Congrats, you'll love flying this plane. To jog your memory of who I am, we both new Chris. He was in my newhire class at my previous employer. Talk to you soon.
Hi Lifestyle, yeah I remember you. I was going to the Ultra but Linda called me a few days before I was to go to Columbus for indoc and said a slot opened up in the Hawker and did I want it, sure did and I got an earlier start date (gotta get that seniority number!) I saw Chris at Simuflite, he was getting recurrent in the Falcon 20, he got a job flying a corporate Falcon (after getting a truck driving job!) Chris says Hi to you! Have you been to sim training yet? Indoc? I've got a 3 week break in between sim and indoc sitting at home on the payroll, rough life!

I saw another ex-Reliant captain in Dallas while there. He's working for Cherry Air now and he's the guy I posted the note about. He asked me to help if I could and I will if I can.

Hey TJ,

Welcome to Netjets my brother!!! I recommend walking a resume and LOR for your friend into Jerry M's office. It has worked for me in the past. Tell your friend it will take a while but with your LOR he will be in the "to be interviewed" pile!

See ya on the road,

gump - Netjets Citation Ultra
Sounds like hitting the lottery. You never realized all the friends you had until you do that. BTW- Can you walk a resume in for me? And would a LOR be too much to ask for??? *hahaha*

Good Luck Bud and have fun..
Hey TJ,
Good to see Chris flying again. I heard about is propane truck, that sucks. I'm all done with training and have been off for over a month waiting for IOE. I love this job. Best of luck to you the Hawker program is really great. Real good people. Keep in touch.
Hi Guy's,
After reading your post I have to say That I feel the same way. I've been here at NetJets now for almost six months and I feel like the luckiest guy around. I was furloughed Just before 9-11 and it was best thing that ever happened to me (the furlough, not 9-11) because it gave me a chance to get into NetJets before the big wave of guy's after 9-11. When the day the Airline calls me back to work, I'm going to say Thank you, but NO thank you. I have found a home here at NetJets.
I'm on the Ultra and WAS having fun. The reason I say "was" is because I've been in the Bullpen for 2 months now and haven't been called out. I need to get up into the air before I forget everything.
Well, I also have sent a letter in for a good friend and hope for the best for him.
Take care

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