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Dec 23, 2001
I was wondering how can someone get into the corporate flight industry. I want to do it over 4-5 years, since I will be going to college in August. Also, I don't have any time at this time.


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Nov 25, 2001
Well, here is how I did it.....

Went to Embry-Riddle and got my Bachelor Degree in Aeronautical Science which included all of my ratings through CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)... Added my Instrument Instructor and Multi-Engine Instructor at a local flight school...

I then was without a flying job for a year, thanks to the last recession and the Gulf War....

Finally got a job Instructing... did this for nearly 3 years (times were tough back then, hiring minimums were very high)...

I then got a job flying FAR Part 135 Charters... I flew King Airs, Lears and Falcons.... Did this for another 3 years....

Finally landed a great Corporate job with a Fortune 100 company.... I now fly the Falcon 900EX (pictured at left) all over the world for them... it has all the latest avionics and toys (including a Heads-Up system)...

I love the job and variety of destinations that it offers.... I have been here just about 5 years.....

Feel free to send me a private message if you have any more specific questions...

Good Luck!

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Jan 5, 2002
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Every job that I have had in aviation has been a result of knowing someone at that company.

So start net working now, build friendships and maintain a positive attitude.