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A/FD question

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Well-known member
May 16, 2002
When you look up an approach control freq, some airports will say something like, "119.5 east of the active runway, 118.35 west of active runway", or something to that avail.

I assume this could be expanded to say, "119.5 east of the extended centerline of the active runway", correct? Which means that if I'm departing a feeder airport 15 miles to the north northwest, I should still use the "east of active runway" frequency if the active runs northwest to southeast. In other words, my feeder airport is west of the airport, but east of the extended centerline of the active.

Otherwise, the A/FD would simply say "east of the airport".

Am I correct?

Boy that's a hard question to phrase.
High "Doh!" factor.

1.) The best way to handle the frequency "sectors" is to imagine a VOR right on the field. The degrees are just like the radials. So if an airport has East Departure (0-179 degrees) - 119.35, then you would use 119.35 any time you are between those "radials".

2.) If you are at a feeder airport, wouldn't you go to that airport's communication section and look up the approach frequency in use? PS, I know that's a glib answer - but in 95% of the times it is the best answer. There are times, (like the way Baltimore use to guard its frequencies) when its hard to get the right callup - Baltimore use to publish the "APP" or approach frequencies in the AFD for the satellite airports.. Problem was they used "DEP" frequency to actually talk to people. They have since stopped being so clandestine.
The approach frequency for the satellite airport depends on which runway is in use at the primary airport... it says it right there in the A/FD. This leads me to assume that since the appropriate frequency can change, that my assumption in the first post is true. Otherwise, the freq. at the satellite airport would be the same regardless of active runway at the primary, since it is slightly east of a north/south line through the primary.

By experience, they'll respond to me on either freq.

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