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9/11 Documentary

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Dec 6, 2001
Anybody else see the HBO documentary on 9/11 tonight? Staggering....
Was that the one last night with mayor julionni(sp), or the one about the little kid whos mom was in the trade center and they were trying to hold out in hope she had gotten out?

but they finally had to tell him.....he was like four or five years old.


We watched it. It was beyond staggering. Although we've seen the footage of the two aircraft ramming the twin towers so many times, it's still upsetting and incredible.
Hopefully that will pour salt on the liberals here in the US that think such things as "oh we need to be nice to those poor detainees at Guantanimo", etc, etc, etc...
The New York Times had a good point. Last night, watching Guiliani's press conference from about 8pm that day, I noticed now that he was shaking visibly and near tears. I watched it live on 9/11, and didn't particularly notice - because everybody else looked that way also, that horrible day.

They ought to show that documentary every memorial day from now on. "Lest we forget," and all that.
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I'm SO GLAD someone started a post on this. I thought about it last night after the show, to see if anyone still gets mad about it anymore. I was so pissed and upset after that show, I surprised myself but thought I was just being dramatic.

Screw their Civil Rights. The innocent Arabs that aren't citizens can go be innocent in some other country.

Keep this in mind:

The last time an aggressor attacked us with such cowardice, things did not go well for them. We relentlessly destroyed their military, we removed their government from power and replaced it with a democratic government, and we even dropped two atomic bombs on them.

The only difference here is that the target that aggressor attacked more than 60 years ago was a MILITARY target.
I am with you guys, makes me mad as hell. Screw em. I am all for profiling and not stopping until we kill every last one of the bastards. In a weird way, every couple of months I feel the need to watch something like that even though it tears me up inside. Getting close to a year now and tears still run down my face. I feel the need to keep watching and feeling that way from time to time so I don't ever forget. I don't ever want to be so "o.k." with what happened that I don't get mad about it or lose the fire. Round em all up and get them the hell out of here.

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