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737 Type

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New member
Mar 14, 2002
I need advice. I will be getting $8000 from the WIA in PA to be used for a 737 type rating. My back round, I used to fly the 737 at US Airways and have 1700 hours in the 200. Here is my dilemma, I can not decide whether to go to Higher Power or US Airways. U is offering a short course if you were qualified in the 737($4000). Higher Power has ties with Southwest ($8000). Obviously the U training would be very easy for me since I had flown there, but the whole reason I am getting the type is for Southwest. Is going to Higher Power that much of advantage to spend more money on hotels and doing 4 more days of training?

Can't Decide.:confused:
Just get the type. SW will not ask, and does not care where you get it. The only advantage to H.P. is that a SW rep MAY come to visit the class to answer questions - not worth $4K though. H.P. does run a good program though.
Good Luck

Go to CLT and get the type with US Airways. SWA does not care where the type comes from. Lots of AAA guys interviewed at SWA and did not get hired including me.

Good Luck
It doesnt really make any difference where you get the type as far as the hiring process is concerned..

It does however make your transition to the "Southwest way" of doing things alot easier if you got your training at HP or say K&S Aviation in PHX..Both use SWA flows and callouts and are approved by SWA to do so..

Some former or other airline guys like myself can really struggle with the flows and call outs at SWA..They are very different from anything i had seen anywhere before..

Good luck..


All you need is the piece of paper...If I can learn the flows and callouts at SWA, anyone can. Just get the official piece of paper for the best price. One of my friends works at Higher Power, and he says the same thing...
Good Luck...
See ya down in Arizona Bay...
Personally I don't think it makes any difference where you get your type. I got mine at H.P. and the training was very good, however, if you can save some money do so.

Flows -- I see some parallels in the flows between H.P. and SWA, very few, but not enough to really make any kind of substantial difference.

Good luck, RJ
Take the Higher Power deal since its not your money. 4 more days is worth the Southwest gig.

Even if it is your money, most of it is deductable.
US Airways training???

Is it possible for guys with no US Airways time to go through training there to get a 737 type? I live close to CLT and don't want to pay to go off somewhere to get the type? Appreciate any help you can give me.


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