737 Type at FTI


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Jan 22, 2002
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Anyone do there 737 type at Flight Training International out in Denver or know anything about them? Will be getting State money under the WIA Act (Work Force Investment Act) and FTI is approved for our State. K&S is my first choice, but money talks.

Thanks for any info.


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Dec 10, 2001
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I got my 737 type at FTI during the first week of Oct. '01. At the time, we used United's 737 200 & 300 sims. During the week, United wasn't sure if they would continue to lease these sims to FTI due to the liability of training the wrong kind of people....in wake of 9/11. Ask Shari Egan if they still use these sims....If so, it's conveniently located at the old Stapleton Airport, across the street from FTI's ground training facility which is connected to the Radisson Hotel where I stayed. Worked out real good...especially for not having a car to get around in. I paid $5800 on a shortened program due to having 500 hours in the aircraft. Otherwise I believe the cost is around $7000. Rich Pennington was an excellant ground instructor. He also trains UAL 737 pilots.

I was very pleased and I highly recommend them for the type rating. Since I was the only one in ground training that week, I got exactly what I needed in areas I was weak in, and didn't waste time in areas that I felt comfortable with. I give them a thumbs up.

Good luck with getting the type....It'll help you with the hiring at SWA. I got my type before getting an interview appointment, then got called in Dec. '01 for a Jan. '02 interview. Now, I'm waiting for the DB's final decision. Wow....to be hired!!!!!!!