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737 Schools

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Well-known member
Mar 24, 2002
I would like to hear discussion on the different schools. I have
read some on K&S and I have a friend who went to Higher Power
a few years ago. He had good things to say about H.P.A.

Can anyone post some suggestions concerning quality, price,
and their schedules?

Higher Power was great,

The instructors are very good. The sims schedules are a crap shoot, some guys had 2400 to 0400, mine was descent. It is streamlined and intense for two weeks. Not too bad if you do the pre study work they send you. About 60 hrs. Also SWA tries to come and talk to every class. Good opportunity to give a employment package if you are not on file. Price is not to bad in comp. to others. I would definately reccomend it.
School called FTI in Denver, uses UAL sims at TK. Went there mostly b/c parents lived there (no hotel costs) and availability. Higher Power was booked solid for a while. UAL parked all the -200s in November so huge sim availability :(
I don't know if you qualify for WIA, it took me a lot of time poking around and there are other threads on it. All instructors were airline pilots (UAL, AA, FRT?), no fuss.
I went to Panam Flight Academy in Miami. the price was 7495 with lodging included. Two week course. The first 4 days was 4 hours of ground school and the 4 hours of Systems Intregration training in a 737-200 sim with no motion. So I had 16 hrs worth of sim time before the full motion sim. Full motion sim was the 737-200 advanced. The instructor was great and staff is really helpful. There was only two people in my class. They seem to be able to get you into class alot sooner than some of the other places. 1-800-fly-jets the person your will need to talk to is Sarah Clague.
I would most highly recommend Higher Power. Very conscientious people all around. I felt like they were more concerned with giving you a good overall foundation on the 737 than just teaching the test. It was an intense few weeks (longer, counting the pre-study time), and one of the most professionally satisfying formal schools I've been to.

Hi proav
I went out to HOU to attend CPT (Crew Pilot Training) Good school and good instructors. The price was around 7300 and you had to pay for your own hotel, but the hotel gave us SWA prices. We used the sims from Flight safety, but I think I heard they changed over to using Continentals, not sure on it.
I also heard that Higher power is very good, and they went by the same instuction as SWA. I think the price was about the same for 737/300.
Here is the number for CPT 1800-441-5387, again they were good and I was able to get right into class, at the time there was no delay. Good luck on which everone you choose, MO
Thanks Everyone!

I appreciate the input. It sounds like there are a lot of good
schools out there. My friend at SWA still has his books from
Higher Power and is going to send them to me. I also have an
uncle that lives in the area so it sounds like that may be where
I go. I will now have to see what their schedule for the summer
or early fall is.

I also went to Flight Training International in Denver. It was Great. A friend was trying to get a class in May at one of the bigger schools and was unable. I recomended FTI and they got him in this month. Their number is 1-800-233-0050 and their website is www.fti737.com

Hey guys, I'm signed up for CrewPilotTraining in Houston. I'm doing my 80 hours of home study prior and have 2 questions...

What do you wish you would have studied more before class?

Is there anything you studied too much before class that you could have traded the study time for some other area?


Oh by the way...CPT pays for a Continental ticket to/from your class.

Same as any new plane: Limitations and Memory Items have to be down cold. Since it's so quick, a fundamental understanding of all the systems and knowledge of all lights and switches.

Useless trivia: Turbofan operation with ram doors full open.:) I spent way too long looking at that. Cool system, though.

Boeing builds a great airplane.

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