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737 down in Peru

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Since none of these happened in the US, can Marian Blakey still declare 2005 one of the safest years yet if nothing else happens?
I have been to some of the mountainous airports in Peru and it is amazing that anyone would fly jumbos into them.
A spokesman for the state-run airline TANS said the Boeing 737-200 plane, which was carrying 92 passengers, made an emergency landing without its landing gear 1.8 miles from Pucallpa airport, 490 miles northeast of Lima.


"The plane was about to land in Pucallpa ... but it was caught in a cross wind ... It did not crash, it was an emergency landing," Belevan said.

The quote from the airline is almost as strange as the comments from the airline involved in the Greece crash.
viper548 said:
It got caught in a crosswind, so it made an emergency landing?

Not sure if that a mis-quote, but all other reports have the airline saying wind-shear. They executed a go-around and couldn't gain altitude so the pilot put it in a swamp to 'soften' the landing when he started to lose altitude.
That's 5:

AF A340
(Italy?) ATR-72
Helios 737
? MD-83
TANS 737
Godvek said:
So much for the "3" theory, unless there is going to be another. Let's hope not!

Well, at some point we will be at '3' again,.... or some multiple of three.
and this will help confirm the theory for those who believe in scientifically unsound OWT and such.

For the rest of us, we understand how the Coincidence Theory works..... no one notices the absence of similar occurences......but the few times there is an apparent relationship, well - that is enough for people to jump up and down.

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