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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I am pretty sure it's a done deal, but not yet announced, that all the 717's that have been delivered to TWA plus all their order slots, are going to Midex. This from a yx insider.

Yep, Midwest ex. has pilot slots starting January 7th in Long Beach. TWA's planes are coming back to Long Beach to be re configured. TWA has 15 airplanes.
Re: 717

corky said:
TWA has 15 airplanes.

Close. TWA currently has 27 717s in service and one sitting unused in MCI.

I've fleen flying 717s since just after we received ship #2. They are a wonderful-to fly airplane with gobs of power and fantastic air-conditioning. Nifty avionics, too. It's truly sad that American couldn't see fit to continue operating them.
Replacement A/C or Growth A/C??

Will the 717s replace the 10s? the 30s? Hmmmmm......could it possibly mean growth?? Not so lucky, I think.

Is that why the rumor that the YX pilots will be "back by September" began? That's a lot of training to be accomplished and with sooooo many furloughees, I just don't see it in my crystal ball.
I think YX is thinking a growth/replacement type of schedule. What I hear that that when deliveries start it will be 1 plane every 6 weeks. I was told retirements of DC9's will not be as quick as that. I have heard that potentially YX could wind up with nearly 80 planes.....30 from TWA, the 20 they have placed on order plus the 30 they have on option.
ha ha

The new name of the company will be MEH Leasing Company, with the 717s going to the Air Tran. I can't see this conservative company doubling in size in this market......
Way to go ME

Once again Timmy Hoeksebucks joins into the used aircraft market. He's got my vote for CEO of the year. Hey TWA guys and gals, does TWA have the first 717 built. Maybe this is Timmy's angle, he wants to have the oldest DC-9 and 717 flying today.

Good day and may the stockholders vote you out soon Timmy.
Good grief...the first one to enter service at Airtran only turned two years old last month. The most recent 4 to be delivered to TWA was just a few months ago. Yeah, not new, but **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** near, and no one would see this as buying a worn out bird and spending millions, as has been the previous policy.

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