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707/720 Type Rating

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Nov 26, 2001
Any KC135 drivers out there know if I can take my A/C upgrade FORM 8 to my local FSDO and receive a type rating in the 707? Have any of you taken an ATP check ride in the 135 with the examiner from Ohio? And if you have - how to get in contact with him? Thanks in advance!

I got a type on the 707/720 from the GATO office with no problem, although it was quite a while ago. I don't think active duty will let you take a DE along for an ATP ride though. Maybe the ANG will.
Type Rating


Yes. I took my AF Form 8 for the E-3, logbook, flying history printout and military ID to the Oklahoma City FSDO and they added a type rating for the B-707 and B-720 on the spot. I don't know if the ANG/Reserves will allow an FAA DE to go along. Maybe it can be accomplished if the DE is a squadron member? Fly safe.

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I too took my AF Form 8 to the Dulles VA FSDO and had my 707/720 type added for the C-137. It has to be an MP (aircraft commander) checkride and you need at least 10 hours post check-ride to qualify. I suggest bringing you AF Form 5 the Individual Flight Summary.
One last thing. You can only have types added if you've flown that particular type within the last 12 months.
Don't know about the ATP thing.
I had my 707/720 added on to a commercail license and it carried into the ATP whne I took that check.
Thanks for all of your replies. Looks like I'll take my A/C FORM 8 down to my local SLC FSDO and get that new type :cool:

I'm at Rickenbacker and the guy you're talking about is Gary Render. He is a DE with US Airways and a part-timer at Rickenbacker. He's given a lot of guys their ATP check. If you can figure out how to fly with him at our unit, he can give you an ATP check. The big problem would be that you are in E models and we are R models. I already had my ATP when I joined the unit so I haven't gone through the process with him.
The 707 type rating looks nice on the ticket, but is virtually worthless as a matter of practicality . . . . unless you want to fly cargo in Africa or SA . . . which is to say .. . . not recommended.
Definately don't plan on flying a 707 in the civy world. Just want it on the ticket for nostaligia so I can tell my grandkids about it when I'm older:rolleyes: Thanks for the info on the Rickenbacker guy. I flew with someone who had taken their ATP checkride with him a couple of years ago. A bunch of pilots got together and bought him a ticket and flew him out to Mountain Home AFB for a sortie where they all got checked out. There is only me and one other person thinking of doing it so it probably is cost prohibitive. Sounds like ALL ATP's for me!

B-707/720 Type Rating

Hey All!

I agree that no one uses the grand-daddy of jet transports in the US/Canada and Europe in the civilian world. However, it shows that you can handle a big, multi-engine, crew aircraft. That's worth a lot in a job interview. Fly safe!


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