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421C Gear System

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Parrot Head Pilot
Feb 11, 2003
Can anyone give a rundown of the Cessna 421C's gear system? Note, this is the C model with the wet wings and trailing link gear. Any info is good, but I'm also particulary interested in how the gear is up locked and down locked. I seem to have misplaced my POH and I have an interview coming up.
I'm sitting at home recovering from surgery so I have plenty of time. I'll see if I can get to the wife to drag out my manual this afternoon. What specifically would you like to know. How bout a typical interview answer to the question of describe the gear system? I could probably give you an answer now, but don't want to steer you wrong in an interview situation. Later
Yeah, anything would be great. I already have an idea in my mind as to how indepth I can talk about it. But I'd like some outside help to supplement what I remember.
OK, here goes,

421C landing gear, electrically controlled and hydraulically actuated. The individual landing gear actuators incorporate an internal lock to hold the landing gear in the extended position. The landing gear is held in the up position by mechanical uplocks which are released hydraulically during gear extension. Cycle completes in approximately 4.5 secs at max engine rpm. Pressure is supplied by hydraulic pumps mounted on each engine. The reservoir is located in the nose baggage compartment. There is a site gage for checking the level. The gear doors are mechanically linked to the gear. No inner doors.

Thats straight from the Cessna manual. If you need anything else, let me know.

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