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40 more at NWA

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charley varrick

Last of the independents
Nov 26, 2001
Jeff Carlson, VP of Flight Ops at NWA, announced 40 more furlough effective 1 Oct 2002. He also stated (gulp) that recalls were nowhere in sight.

I am now going to assume the supine position and begin sucking my opposable thumb. Anybody have a blanky?
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Did you mean...

Did you mean that the END of the furloughs were not in sight? Not trying to be a wise guy. Just need clarification. If that is true, it bites.:(
First let me say I am sorry as a furloughed guy it sucks. What happened? NWA has been saying a recall was possible as soon as Q4 2002. This would mean that they are not going to recall. I was really hoping that they would start the call back.
This goes back to around Feb of 2000. Reason stated for the additional furloughs was that the yields were not coming back at the projected levels (read: business traveler). They are going to bring back capacity a bit more in the Fall of 02. The 40 were being held on because NWA had planned on the start of recovery in the end of 02, with a strong rebound in 03 and needed these pilots for the staffing levels to work out. They no longer see this in their tea leaves.

Only positive hint was that 03 had some "promising" indicators, but they were much further back than they had originally anticipated. I have no idea what that statement means, because I don't know how anybody could see that far into the future.

There is no word on any more furloughs beyond this 40 in Oct; however, he (Jeff Carlson) did leave that door open.
If lower yields truly were the issue then you would think NW would quit shooting down the 20 dollar hike on round trip airfare prices. This in itself wouldn't bring back profitability but it could ease or prevent this type of situation. Just my 2 cents worth.

Hopefully this will not come to be, and if it does hopefully very short. Good Luck

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