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4 Slots and 11 bids~

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Well-known member
Jun 26, 2006
5 airlines apply for Haneda slots
Five US carriers seek Haneda slots
By Lori Ranson

American, Continental, Delta, United and Hawaiian Airlines have all applied for four available slots for US carriers at Tokyo's Haneda airport.

The availability of slots at close-in Haneda resulted from the conclusion of an open skies pact reached between Japan and the USA in December 2009. Haneda is roughly 20km (11 miles) from Tokyo's city centre while Narita is 65km away. Haneda is primarily limited to domestic traffic, but a new runway opening later this year will allow for expansion of long-haul international flights.

"We have long wanted to fly from New York and Los Angeles to Haneda, the closest airport to downtown Tokyo," says Will Ris, American's SVP of Government Affairs.

Oneworld partner American is seeking slots to operate flights from New York's John F Kennedy International airport and Los Angeles International airport using 247-seat Boeing 777s configured with 16 first class, 37 business and 194 economy seats.

Continental and its wholly-owned subsidiary Continental Micronesia are seeking slots to offer flights from Newark and Guam, respectively. Continental would operate Boeing 777s from Newark to Haneda while Continental Micronesia would place a Boeing 767-400 on its flights to Tokyo.
Continental's fellow Star Alliance partner United is seeking one of the slots to offer service from its San Francisco hub using Boeing 777s configured in a three-class configuration. The carrier also highlights the 777 supplies ample capacity for cargo from its hub in San Francisco to Haneda.

United also states that passengers have connecting opportunities with its codeshare partner and fellow Star Alliance member All Nippon Airways (ANA) at Haneda to several points in Japan and Asia. United, ANA and Continental Airlines and Oneworld members American Airlines and Japan Airlines (JAL) are seeking anti-trust approval from US regulators to establish transpacific joint ventures as a result of the open skies agreement. The firming up of open skies between the USA and Japan is contingent on ANA and JAL receiving anti-trust approval with their respective US partners.

Delta, who ultimately failed to convice JAL to shift from Oneworld its SkyTeam alliance, is seeking slots to offer flights from Haneda to Seattle, Detroit, Los Angeles and Honolulu. On its proposed flights to Haneda from Detroit, Los Angeles and Honolulu Delta would operate Boeing 747-400s, and fly Airbus A330-300s from Seattle.

"Enabling Delta to enter Haneda is critical to advancing airline competition in Tokyo, particularly considering the strong presence that the Star and Oneworld alliance carriers already enjoy at this important and tightly controlled airport," says Glen Hauenstein, Delta's EVP network and revenue management. Through its merger with Northwest Airlines, Delta has a strong presence at Narita.

Hawaiian, meanwhile, is requesting two of the four slots to support two daily nonstop flights from Honolulu to Haneda using Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. Hawaiian tells regulators as the first of its Airbus A330s come online later this year, 767s will be free for use on the proposed flights to Haneda.
But the carrier anticipates growing the service to support flights operated by its larger A330s.

Hawaiian tells US regulators the proposed Honolulu-Haneda flights are the next logical step for establishing itself as a major carrier in the Pacific. In addition to offering mainline service to the USA, Hawaiian also offers flights from Honolulu to Australia, Tahiti, the Philippines and American Samoa.
Most of the carrier's anticipate starting flights to Haneda in late 2010.
So.. it comes down to this-

DAL is looking for all 4 slots;
Flying out of SEA, DTW, LAX and HNL

AA is looking for 2 slots
Flying out of JFK and LAX

CAL is looking for 2 slots
Flying out of EWR and GUM

HAL is looking for 2 slots
Flying out of HNL

UAL is looking for 1 slot
Flying out of SFO

Gets interesting when you look at
West Coast - 4 possible slots
HNL- 3 possible slots
Los Angeles - 2 possible slots
New York area - 2 possible slots
Single slots for DTW and Guam

Looking at it from an Alliance standpoint,
Star wants 3 slots
One World wants 2 slots
SkyTeam wants 4 slots.

Any bets?!
Ray "the hood" Lahood should make Japan give every US Airline slots, or take some away from JAL and ANA, along with NCA in the USA. BA had to give up slots at LHR, and only 4 slots at Haneda are ridiculous.

Bye Bye---General Lee
AMR and UAL already have access to Haneda through their partners. I hope that's taken into consideration.

But considering the cronyism going on in Chi-town, I seriously doubt it.

Poor HAL, Always a bride's maid, never a bride.
Good Luck Nevertheless.

I don't know about that. We are the dominant inter-island carrier with no one else even close. We have bounced back and forth between being first or second in number of passengers to the west coast for years now. If you want to go to Samoa or Tahiti from Hawaii, you have to go on Hawaiian. We do well to Australia and have now become the dominant carrier to Manila. In fact, about half of all passengers that travel through HNL do so on Hawaiian (combination of inter-island and trans-pac). Hawaiians reputation in Hawaii is one of quality service that is a definite step above the competition.
We do just fine in the markets we serve, as a matter of fact Hawaiian was the most profitable airline of 2009. $135 mil profit on a little over 1 bil revenue.
Don't know how long it will last, but we are doing well. Quality over quantity can be a good thing.

I don't mean this as a dig, but you guys must be getting your arse kicked westbound this winter?
My Bet-
HAL gets one
AA gets one
DAL gets one
CAL gets one.

HAL will obviously be HNL
CAL will be EWR
AA.. who knows, maybe JFK to compete with CAL, or LAX for West Coast
DAL.. LAX based on what AA does, then DTW or SEA.


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