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Your wife's boyfriend
Dec 1, 2001
Anyone out there ever flown for 3M? Or know anyone who has? Their corporate flight department is based in St. Paul, seems like a great place to be. If anyone has any info, please post it. Thanks in advance....:D
3M is a first rate operation with first rate equipment (five GV's) and management. If you can get on - do it.
I know someone who has a friend that flies for them and at least the way it used to be is that it was military pilots only. The Chief Pilot used to be in the navy I guess. It is a very good job, probably one of the best flying jobs in the country. Things might have changed hopefully they have on hiring. I have been trying to get back into the Twin Cities myself. Good luck
I went to school with a few 3M pilot's kids. Great operation, great people, great pay, and great equipment too. The facility is first rate; basically treated like a mini-airline with a fairly rock-solid schedule. I would rate it as one of the best corporate jobs out there, therefore, the list of wanna-be's is long and distinguished. Good luck.
Military Only?

Can anyone verify the "military only" thing at 3M? I'd have saved a bunch of postage over the years if I'd known that. Is it an all military operation today? Can a mear mortal, civi. guy, yah-you-betcha-born-and-raised-Minnesota-boy, whose flown airline, corporate, and commuter ever hope for an interview? I'm seriously interested.

How about the recent downsizing at 3M. Did any of that effect the flight department?

P.S. Enjoyed previous poster's names

Thanks in advance

I don't know that it is Military only, but I believe most of them are Military background. Your biggest problem is going to be that no one ever leaves. I believe they have only had two pilots quit in the history of the flight department, and the flight department is around 40 years old. They have a joke among themselves (3M pilots that is) that the only way out is retirement or death. That's how good of a job it is.
If you really want to work for them, go over and meet the chief pilot, they are all very nice guys with one of the best flight departments in the world. Go over and meet them and put your stuff in with them again. If you haven't seen their hangar's you are in for a treat.

I met with the chief pilot of 3M last week and they are NOT hiring. As a matter of fact, one of their reservist pilots got activated to ......istan and the chief pilot wanted to fill his position temporarily but got shot down by the company. They are not downsizing but generally speaking the company as a whole is in a hiring freeze, including the flight department. Yes they are all military club card holders except one, but I am sure he is some bigwigs kid and not just any civilian pilot they hired off the street. The next guy to retire is not for at least another year. I was hoping for better news myself as I am preparing to move back up there, but no such luck.
Happy hunting.
3M Correction

I need to make a correction to my former post. 3M flight department was founded in 1950 which makes it 52 years old.
I was just up at their place and will confirm that they are not hiring at this time.
Great bunch of guys with probably some of the best working conditions possible.
Wow, those are some pretty incredible endorsements for 3M and the people that are fortunate enough to get to fly for them. I'd like to ask a question...maybe it's the obvious, but here goes. What makes 3M such a great company to work for as a corporate pilot? The equipment, maintenance, and schedule sounds all top notch. Are those the main areas where you guys are referring to? I guess the reason that I'd like to know is because I'm interested in establishing a "baseline" for which to judge all other corporate flight departments...something to rate the other companies on and generally become more informed on what's "top notch" and what's just considered as "standard with the territory." Hopefully that makes sense and you guys wouldn't mind sharing some information about what, specifically, sets 3M apart from all the rest. Salary must also be a driver if no one ever leaves too?


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