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$3300 idiot fine

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
This is ridiculous. This guy should go to jail just to make a point to others that security breaches will not be tolerated. The FAA keeps saying we are stepping up security, but why bother if this is the repercussion of breaching our "tougher security"

His lawyer should go to jail for his remarks, and just for being a lawyer.

ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- The Federal Aviation Administration has fined a man $3,300 for a security breach at Atlanta's airport that temporarily shut it down and disrupted flights all along the Eastern Seaboard.

The FAA found that Michael Lasseter, 32, of Gainesville, Georgia, violated security regulations when he ran past two security guards and down an up escalator at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport on November 16.

Lasseter told police he had left the airport's secure area to retrieve a camera bag and wanted to get back to his young son, whom he had left with an uncle at an airline gate.

The fine is the maximum allowable under FAA regulations, spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said Tuesday. She said Lasseter can appeal the fine to an administrative law judge.

Lasseter's lawyer, Robert Lipman, said he was unaware of the fine, but questioned the FAA's right to impose the penalty.

"At this point I'm in between astonished and amused," Lipman said.
What's the problem? The FAA is empowered to impose this fine, which is stated as the maximum in this case. If the airport authority prefers criminal charges for trespass, or the airline prefers them, then they should have their due.

The FAA is only one party of many in most issues. This is one such issue.
avbug wrote: "The FAA is empowered to impose this fine, which is stated as the maximum in this case"

This IS the problem.

The FAA is the controlling agency and should have more power to punish those who break the rules. I'm not one for a "bigger or more powerfull government" when it comes to most things. But, within the aviation industry there should be strict rules and those that break those rules should be punished harshly. Especially today.

avbug , you wrote earlier about security measures and what needs to be done. Security measure won't mean anything if there are no reprecussions for ones actions which will make one think before he tries something stupid.
Just how far does one go? The FAA has the ability to press the issue in criminal court. Civil and criminal penalties can be assessed, as well as administrative certificate actions. However, for a jog past a control booth, 3300 is a pretty good start.

Don't assume that the FAA should take the full brunt of the matter. Security violations beyond the checkpoint are handled by federal enforcement, and the matter becomes an issue for the FBI, and the office of the attorney general.

Simply because one agency doesn't have the man drawn and quartered, don't give up. You'll yet have your cup of blood.
Complacency and the governments way of "passing the buck" is what got us in a position to be attacked by terrorist. The same attitude you have about some boneghead that breached security is what gave the terrorist an easy target.

I have agreed with most of your post in the past and thought you had a good perspective on the big picture, but I will have to disagree with you on your attitude towards what the FAA should have control and punishment on regarding the security of major airports in the U.S.
You're asking the wrong agency to go beyond their bounds, something prohibited by their charter, and which interferes with the jurisdiction of other agencies better equipped to pursue this issue.

When a sheriff makes an arrest, he doesn't prosecute. That's the job of the county attorney, who isn't employed by the sheriff's office.

Perhaps it would have been better for you had the national gaurdsmen drilled this offender in the back with several .223 rounds. Let everyone know we're serious.

Public floggings? Perhaps simply dipping his feet in acid and forcing him to recite nursery rhymes while sitting in a stocks and pillary in the buff in times square?

You may be shocked to note that terrorists brought to tribunal or court on account of sept 11, won't be prosecuted by the FAA, either. Go figure.
You missed my whole point.

Never said anything about .223 or acid, just commented about the fact that this idiot shut down an airport and all the faa can do is fine him $3300.

Thanks for playing avbug...
Aero 99: I have to agree with Avbug this time. The FAA is not here to prosecute this guy. The jurisdiction falls with local and state government. They are the ones who run the airport, the FAA just gives them the rule book to follow. The FAA already has more on its plate than it can handle. the $3300 fine is a good start and the best they can do. Let's not now task the FAA with regulating pilots, airlines, AND the general public.

As Avbug said, what would you prefer? Lock this guy up for being stupid? Impose a fine he can't pay? (AirTran is suing him for $100,000) Have him publicly flogged? Hanged?
Or should the armed, nervous 19 year old National Guardsmen be empowered to just open fire on anyone who looks like they might run a checkpoint?
I think $3300 is a little steep for what the guy did. The problem was the FAA's over-reaction to the whole thing. They shut the airport down not the guy running down the stairs. Yes, he was stupid for doing it and should be punished. I could make the case that he didn't think he was doing anything seriously wrong, he just forget his bag and was going back to get it. No malicious intent whatsoever. After all he is a customer just trying to get somewhere. He doesn't deal with this secirity farce everyday like we do.

If this guy gets popped for $3300 and he doesn't even know all the rules then every single Argendim idiot that screws up should definitely get a $3300 fine also.

How about the 15 people at the checkpoint that didn't stop him or go after him. Shouldn't they also be fined. They were culpable as well.

This is just another lame assed attempt by the Feds Against Aviation to defer the spotlight away from their stupid decision making.

FIne the guy, yes. $3300, I don't think so. $300 maybe.
Hey I agree with the part about sending the lawyer to jail just for being a lawyer. Blood sucking Bassturds!!!

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