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3 days in turkey

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stewed screwed tatooed
Mar 28, 2002
hey, i was wondering if anyone has been on long layover in uab and what is there to do? also any good markets there and is there anything of value to buy, etc.

many thanks.

3 days to find trouble.
If you have a little time on your hands, you should go down to iraq. I hear that as far as vacation destinations go, this is the best kept secret in the middle east. Great markets too.
Stuff to do in Turkey

Lots of good rugs if you are in the market. Hereke mainly but the rug dealers carry persian, oriental, etc. The sales pitch itself is worth a visit. They sit you down, bring you drinks and parade the merchandise in front of you. They are also big into leather goods, jackets, purses etc. Sliver & Gold are is popular in the markets (Soukes) Alot of guys bought handmade highly ornamented shot guns while I was there. Good quality decent price. Lots of cheap copies of stuff (rolexs, designer clothes etc)
As for the food, try the Donni Kebab and an Efisis beer. They are a Muslim country but very secular and modern in their beliefs. (read laid back) In fact if you have three days you may take a trip to Ephisis if you are into history. Whitewater rafting is popular in the mountain areas. Turkish baths are nice, kinda like a massage and steam bath.
Hope that this helps.

P.S. If you are in the market for a big ticket item like an expensive rug, go early and be the 1st customer of the day. It is custom that they must make a sale to the 1st customer of the day and they are more willing to deal if you start to walk away.

Be very cafeul with what you buy, i reead in the newspaper about an opera singer who was on Holiday there and she bought some rocks at a Market, and then onthe airport the rocks got confiscated for being some kind of antique type of rocks or something like that, and she was accused of trying to smuggle the etc etc and it was a total Midnight Express expeience for ehr, she was in jail for several days and it wa a mess, so sitck with the postcards....and the girls.
Hilton Adana

I just had a few days in Adana.

If you're staying at the Hilton (most likely if you're Atlas/Polar or ATA) then there are a few things to do.

The second largest mosque in the world (that's what I was told) is right around the corner. Wear pants (no shorts) and take off your shoes.

Behind the hotel is what they call the Old Roman Bridge. Try to sight the "The Clocktower" from your hotel room window and then cross the bridge, find the clocktower and the entrance to the market.

There's some pretty cool stuff, friendly people, but man it was hotter than hell when I was there. Drink lots of water.

Some other crew members have rented a car to head out of town to see the beach, roman ruins and caves.

Good luck.
Small world

mar said:
Some other crew members have rented a car to head out of town to see the beach, roman ruins and caves.

Kinda ironic: I just had lunch with the FO who rented the car....

He said, Big disappointment. The "ruins" were just rocks. The beach wasn't very nice. And the gas was too expensive.
If you're near Adana (actually every city there has one I beleive) get with one of the cab drivers and tell'em to take you to the "COMPOUND"........now that's what I call excitement!!! They'll all know what you're talking about!

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