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2011 Collier Trophy Winner

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I'd love to fly a G650 if it was single pilot and had a range of about 2500NM...
This airplane is going to be UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE.


A friend's flight department has two on order and I am seriously jealous. And I don't get jealous about other airplanes.

MAYBE fun the first 2 flights? after that its just another airplane and you have an UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVEABLE sore A$$.

Tell me about pay, length of trips, days off (away from the incredible Gulfstream) and general QOL..

Pay 250K+, 95% domestic trips, no holiday work etc...now THOSE things and (insert any nice jet here) have the ability to make me jealous...not some shiny new G850/ FBW Global etc etc that carries the giddy pilot monkey further and further away..

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