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2 jump pilot jobs available

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Nov 27, 2001
Job #1- Green Bay Skydivers, Inc. Green Bay, WI
2 Cessna 182s (widebody)
"500TT min pending insurance carrier change." Prior cessna time a big plus.
Saturday and Sunday with some weeknights.
(920) 822-5010 ask for Greg or Dean

Job #2- Skydive Adventure Omro, WI
2 Cessna 182s (1 narrow body, 1 widebody)
250TT min with 182 time and more TT a big plus.
6 days a week.
(920) 685-5122 ask for Bill.

Dropzones are hurting for pilots right now. If you guys want jobs...stop whining about there being no hiring going on and go get them. I've recieved 3 phone calls in the last 2 days from different dropzones.
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I put my commercial certificate to use for the first time last weekend by flying a 182 for a drop zone. I had a blast! It was truely awesome. I'll have to do it some more this Summer.

Any low time guys looking for something to do - I'd recommend it highly!
In a word, no. If a dropzone ever requests somebody to resign their seniority, I woud hope that somebody would laugh and laugh loud. These 2 dropzones I mentioned would welcome a furloughed pilot. Jumpers are trusting their life to you and feel more comfortable with higher time pilots for obvious reasons.

I'm not sure about most of you, but for the guy just getting out of college and working on their CFI ratings, this would be a great opportunity. I did it for one summer season and never once got bored with it. The problem most folks get into with most DZ's is with insurance - not having enough time to meet the req'd times. But all in all it's a fun experience. What you get out of being a jump pilot is what you put into it - it's all about how your attitude is about it. There's always a way to make and keep it interesting. Have fun!!
AWACoff did you quit flying there and just start jumping full time now? Whats going on over at AirWis these days? I see a 146 parked there with the United logo and the United Express on the side painted over. One of these days we will have to get together for lunch or something now that I am up here in ATW.
please explain how you get the door open enough on a 182 to get a body out of it. (ive never jumped before obviously) is it a plug door that you pull into the plane?
On 182s, 180s, etc...the door is typically modified to hinge vertically. Then you simply open the door and the wind opens it up. Freightdog, I am still flying. We need at a minimum an additional pilot for the 2nd aircraft. If we got 2 more pilots that were doing the job because they needed the flight time, I'd just jump.
Okay fellas, now that I'm a newly minted jump plane pilot - I have a question. After my first day, I was excited and told my girlfriend all about it. She asked me why I had to wear a parachute myself, and I explained about the possibility of a chute deploying early, wrapping around the tail, and taking me down with it.

Now, of course she's freaking about this kind of thing happening to me - chute on my back or not. I tried to explain to her that this kind of thing happens VERY infrequently, but in reality, I don't really know that it's the truth. And now I'm curious - how often does this kind of thing happen? I'm working again this coming Sunday, and I'd love to be able to put my girlfriend at ease about me flying jumpers. Any ideas? Or is it actually dangerous enough that I just shouldn't mention the inherent danger in it? ;)
Well, it's probably not as dangerous as being a Nascar driver, but it's far more dangerous than flying around by yourself in an airplane.

I have heard a lot of stories, and I personally have had nothing happen. However, skydivers and DZ owners have a poor reputation for pilot pushing. If you EVER get asked to do something that would compromise safety, good sense or your integrity, just turn around and walk away. Believe me, it will be the best thing you ever did, no matter how difficult it was.

I thought about flying jumpers again during the strike, but I didn't want the liability. I also would prefer to leave it to low time guys who really need the work. Good luck to all..

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