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1st interview

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Dec 19, 2001
I've got my first interview coming up and am looking for a good book on the airline interview and what to expect. Any suggestions on a good one? Thanks in advance.

We're gona have to come in low and slow
Oh my, is that dangerous?
It's just something you have to do...............when you land.
You don't really need a book.

Be polite, and humble. Were a dark suit with a conservative tie. Have all of your paperwork in order.

Have specific scenarios on your mind, so you can recall then during the interview. (a time you had to divert, why, how did you decide, tell me about a conflict you've had with someone and what you did about it.) DON"T try and remember or create one that is what you think they will want to hear. I think most places look for a good guy and good employee, and less about heroic deeds in the airplane.
Airline interview books

Three books:

(1) Airline Pilot Interviews : How You Can Succeed in Getting Hired, by Irv Jasinski, ISBN: 0942195019. This is a terrific book. Get it! I must have read it five times while I was looking for jobs. It provides great insight into the psychology of the airline interview and what to expect at an interview. Mr. Jasinski has provided personalized interview prep. I used him to prepare for a non-airline interview for a job I wanted desperately, and I got the job.

You can find it on amazon.com. Maybe you can get it quicker from http://www.marvgolden.com/pro-pilots/probooks.htm. Marv Golden is a well-known aircraft and pilot equipment supplier.

(2) Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Inteviewed, by H. Anthony Medley, ISBN: 0898154030. This is a great book, too, on the general psychology of the interview. I found it on www.bn.com on the first hit.

(3) Knock 'em Dead, by Martin Yate, ISBN: 1580625371. This is a good book, with insight on interview psychology. It's worth reading, but some of his ideas might be too aggressive for airline interviewing.

FAPA promoted Airline Pilot Interviews and Sweaty Palms years ago as part of its career pilot counselling shtik. These books were two of the few worthwhile things I acquired through that "organization."

I included the ISBN book numbers to help your favorite bookstore or library locate these books.

I know Cheryl Cage is a well-known airline interview book author, but I haven't read any of her books.

Happy reading! And good luck with your interview. :)
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Thanks for the info. BTW it's a small airline down in the caribbean flying otters.

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