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135 Takeoff Mins

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New member
Jan 5, 2002
Just a question on 135 takeoff mins. The FAR's only talk about if if the airport in below mins you need a takeoff alt.

Are there specific 135 mins or do you go with the 91 mins of 1sm or 1/2 mile dependent on the number of engines?

Thanks ahead of time,
Check your company's op specs. You will probably be allowed to use the mins on the Jepps (behind the airport diagram); or if your company got a waiver, you might be able to use lower.

I'd bet your op specs will have a page of ifs, ands and buts regarding how low your mins can be, starting at standard and proceeding lower.
That is determined buy that company's operations specifications. A lot of 135 , 2 pilot operations have a 600 RVR. Now the 121 guys get even lower than that, 300 RVR ect. When I flew single pilot 135 that takeoff min was always the lowest published landing mins. So you would need to see their op specs to see what their training program, and the FAA have deemed appropriate.
Our op specs are the lowest of published minimums, 5500 RVR, or the lowest precision approach minimums for that airport. Usually if its uncontrolled, no approaches it will be the 5500 RVR. At larger airports 200 1/4 or 600 RVR is usually the case. Check your op specs.

Typical Op Specs require a Takeoff Alternate (TA) when you cannot return to land at your departure airport. So, if your airport has a typical ILS, you will need a TA when the weather is below 200' / 1/2 SM.

As far as Takeoff Minimums, that depends on your Company's specific authorizations. I worked for one company that was not allowed lower than standard takeoff minimums so we had to have 1SM of visibility to go. But, if your company is authorized for Lower than Standard Takeoff Minimums, then you can probally go as low as 600 RVR depending on equipment available.

For the most correct answers, refer to your Ops Manual and Ops Specs.

Hope this Helps,

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