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135 Pay for Piston Twin

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Syö lika
Jun 27, 2002
I have an offer for a C421 135 job. It's gonna be single pilot. It will be the usual, flying, cleaning, waiting... ;)

What kind of a pay can i ask without looking greedy (as in not getting the job) or being to cheap. I was thinking about an hourly rate for flighttime and another one for ground work plus expenses (Hotel, rental car etc.) The routes will be all over florida.

Whats the usual? I would highly appreciate any input.

Thanks! :cool:

ps: spare me the "hey it's twin time, you should work for free" crap...;)
Falcon Capt said:
My GUESS... look for about $35k-$40k per year salary depending on what part of the country you are in...

Sorry, Salary is out of the question right now, maybe later. It'll start as on demand on an hourly basis.

Thanks for any input.

Cheers, :cool:
a suggestion


Figure your hourly rate such that your yearly wage comes out to about $35k-$40k. Is it a full time position or just on an "as needed basis"?

Re: a suggestion

FL350 said:

Figure your hourly rate such that your yearly wage comes out to about $35k-$40k. Is it a full time position or just on an "as needed basis"?


It'll start "as needed". What do you guys charge for on-demand contracts like that? The 35k you mention, how many duty-hours/flight-hours is that on average per month?

I was thinking about $35 per flighthour and 15$ per non-flying dutyhour (waiting, cleaning prep/preflight etc.) Is that reasonable? Base is not in the cheapest area to live...

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, :cool:
I know of a company here in Southeast Wisconsin that does maintance on a 421C and they also provide the owner of the aircraft with a pilot. There are two guys who switch off flying it with each one working between 8-12 days a month and they are getting $300 a day regradless of how long the day is. Now I would assume they would get more if there was an overnight and possibly get money to pay for lunch when they are on a trip so you will also have to factor that in. They average 10 days a month each so that comes out to about 36k a year which is about what everyone else is saying. If you are out in California you probly would want more since this is souteastern wisconsin I am talking about.
For that size A/C, I would ask for around $150 per day. Just a ballpark figure.

Oh... and its twin time. You should work for free. ;)

Last edited:
Most of the corporate guys in the Midsouth area (read MEMPHIS) are getting about $200 per day for piston equipment, more for turboprop. Most guys use a daily rate with consistent customers. Over time it evens out, with short days making up for the longgg ones. For non-flying duties (cleanup, prep, getting charts---whatever) try to get a set fee.

Some customers treat you exceptionally well, but more of them will try to shaft you out of every little item.

Hope it all works out!

I'd try to get out of the hourly pay schedule, that's for flight instructing and sightseeing rides.

The problem with the hourly rate at this level is that whether you just drop somebody off, or sit around and wait all day you pretty much screwed up your whole day anyway you should be paid for it.

Most of the contract industry uses a daily rate. The daily rate for a piston multi is around $250, problem is at that level just too many people will undercut you to "build multi time!"

Also, what do you mean "cleaning" airplanes? I certainly hope you don't mean washing the airplane! Professional pilots don't wash airplanes (unless they want to); taking pride in your plane and wiping it down is one thing, but not washing it!

Have you thought of the legal ramifications of accepting this contract job, have you signed any agreement? Frankly, I really don't know how some cheap owners can get away without having somebody on salary. Are you going to be libel if you have an accident, how about if you fall off the air stair and break your leg? For that matter what happens if you decide to take the airplane and your girlfriend down to the Bahamas? Professional Independent Contract Pilots (ICP's) spend $1000's annually on lawyers that write the contracts for them to protect them from these liabilities.

Anyway Good luck in your negotiations, I know you don't have a whole lot of room to play with, we've all been there. Just do your best at keeping your integrity and professionalism intact!
Back in Jan, I was offered a job flying a 210 and a P-Baron for $2000/month. I think the hourly rate for part-time was $35/hr flight time, $25/hr for standby, and expenses were paid for. The salary was probably close to average (maybe a little low), and the hourly seemed about right, too. That's also what our part-time pilots got for flying the King Air though. This is out of Boise. You could probably ask for a little more being in FL.

I also had to do the Jepps, but that's about it.

Good Luck

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