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135 Jumpseat Privleges???

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I work for a 135 company flying freight for UPS. We don't have any agreements with any other companies as far as jumpseating is concerned, but I *think* that we have allowed other companies to jumpseat with us in the past, both 135 and 121. My question is, would I be able to jumpseat on other airlines? I'm relatively new to this topic, so I would appreicate any advice on how I might be able to do this. I know it depends on what airline I try, but who would I talk to about this, the gate agent, Captain??? Do you call first or just show up? :confused:

Thanks for all your help!
Unfortunately, no.

If you do a search on the subject, you will find numerous posts on the topic. Also, check the old board for additional posts.
It certainly helps to have reciprocal agreements with other carriers as far as jumpseating goes, but I have had luck myself without them. I fly for a non scheduled 135 freight company which makes it difficult to gain agreements with other airlines, but there are a few companies out there who have open jumpseat policies. My company has a handfull of agreements with airlines, but these certain airlines usually operate in only 1 or 2 regions in the country. I can think of at least 3 majors I have jumpseated on recently and in the past, and I have had no problems whatsoever. You need to go to the gate and fill out a jumpseat form, and be prepared to show your company id, pilot certificates, and even your medical. Depending on which airline you jumpseat with, the captain will either sign your form at the gate, or you will have he/she look at it on the airplane. Whether or not the captain signs the form at the gate, you should still go into the cockpit, shake hands and introduce yourself. Be professional and courteous at all times. Dress in your pilot uniform or a business suit with a tie. If you are offered a meal, turn it down unless the crew insists, and by all means do not have a beer or cocktail. I hope this may help you out. Enjoy the free travel.

Best of luck

Thanks you. You wouldn't happen to know which airlines have open jumpseat policies? Which ones have you used? I would be going from Kansas City to Chicago.

If you work for an airline, would I (135 freight) be able to jumpseat on your airline? Just curious.

Thanks again for your help
Well the best answer is 'it depends.' However in the post Sept 11th environment we live in I don't think you have a very good chance in jumpseating if you're company does not have a reciprocal agreement. Before all this mess a captain was not supposed to let anyone without a recip agreement on, but some guys were cool and would let you slide. However in today's world most guys aren't gonna let you on, especially if you work for a small 135 freight company most captains have never heard of. Plus you have to remember that you must get by security with an unfamiliar id and never mind how anal the gate agents are these days.
With all this increased security I really would not make my travel plans around jumpseating unless you're company has a reciprocal agreement with the airline you want to j/s with. Get on your chief pilot to get recip. worked out, because most jumpseat cordinators are more then will to add people to their lists. All it takes is a little communication.
Try AirNet. We usually have an open agreement with any other pilots. I am not sure whether or not you will be able to get on or not with all of this crap going on now with jumpseats, but you can try. As far as Downtown KC to MDW we can accommodate you easily if you don't mind traveling in the late evening or at night. I know we have two jets that go from Downtown KC to Saint Louis where you can either continue on the earlier jet to CMH and then catch another jet back to MDW or you can take the later jet to Saint Louis and take a prop to MDW. Either way we can get you there. Send me a private mesage if you are interested and i will get the important information to you as far as how to try to get on. As always though, i cannot guarantee that you will be able to get on, but it is always worth a shot.
I had the oppornunity to jumpseat last friday from MDW to MCI on a 121 national. Although we do have an agreement with them, they never once looked at the list, and all 3 of us with my company were treated as if we worked for that airline. This company is one of those who is supposed to have an open agreement with all 135, and 121 companies. I`m not for sure if it is true, but give it a try. Mail me if ya`d like to know who I flew on. By the way, since the 11th, every company I normally jumpseat with has let me on, and has stated they are letting 135`s ride jumpseat. These include nationals and majors. Actually some of the best companies around in my opinion.
If you are looking for an occational ride from Kansas City to MDW and back Bankair has a Lear going from MDW to Kansas City and back Monday Night (actutaly very early Tues. Am) through Thurs.. Call sign is Bankair 242. E-mail me and I'll give you Bankair's 800 Number to sched. a ride. I know ACT (American Check Transport) flys the same route in an MU-2 Mon. through Thurs.. I don't know their number though. Good Luck!!!!!

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