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135 into Canada?

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Aug 2, 2002
We have a flight to Canada in a couple weeks. Fly the guy to Calgary, drop him and come home. We may or may not overnight.

I am having trouble getting a straight answer from anyone regarding operating 135 in Canada. We rarely do international trips so we use Universal when one comes up.

The guy at Universal says we need to have a Canadian Commercial Operator License. From what I can tell, this is a Canadian air carrier certificate. This seems a little overkill for dropping one guy off in Canada.

What do we need to do to operate 135 into Canada? I feel like my head's spinning around.
u need that to fly commercial trips into and out of Canada. I can't remember how much it cost if anything.

you also need authorization in your ops specs as well. Call your POI and he/she can explain exactly what forms you need. It may be too late to get the ops specs changed though.
i dont know...it's been years since i've seen "ops specs" by themselves without all out 91k bullsh1t mixed in.

Call your local fsdo and talk to your POI. They have a different way of doing things at all the faa offices so its best to get the info from "your" guy.
Your Certificates section of your Ops Manual should have a copy of the Canadian Operating Certificate along with insurance information. Your training program should also have info on Canadian Ops along with such items as litres conversion for fuel, ICAO info on phraseology, flight plan requirements and other stuff. The Canadians are nice people, but they aren't bashful about fining you for not having the required docs.
2 weeks! Not much time for all that stuff. Broker it out or just drop his ass in Kalispell!!!!!!

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