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121 to Cargo to Corporate Question

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Irish Pilot

What An Industry
Feb 22, 2005
I currently fly for a very small 121 carrier (regional) and am looking at another regional for an improvement of QOL. My question is, I am hoping to get towards a good corporate position for a career goal and I know Ive read that 121 isnt exactly what a lot of corporate outfits are looking for.

If I had an offer to fly Beech 99s single pilot for a small cargo outfit: would that be more valuable towards a corporate position? Its not great crew experience...but its good IFR in the midwest and its still turbine-multi. I guess in my eyes its not quite as valuable (but why do I know...thats why I am asking) but it gets me back to the midwest and into the corporate market I want to find a job in.

Just curious what you corporate guys thoughts are on this one.
Thanks for any thoughts.
Your best bet is to find a 135 outfit that will put you in the right seat of a jet with a type rating. Most of the decent ones will want 2,000 tt with some turbine experience. FlightWorks in Atlanta is looking right now.

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