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121 or 135?

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Dec 12, 2001
well, you guys have been pretty helpful so far. let's see how you do on this one. i'm a cfi in florida and i'm racking up the old hours. i know i'm looking pretty far ahead, but i want to know where i'm going before i get there. i've been looking at airnet for a while now. looks like a great company. but i've also been looking at some regionals. my goal is to get to a major. not sure if the major is going to be passenger or freight. anyway, what route looks the best for a major? can't decide. just curious. thanks a lot.

Best time

Airnet is a fractional, isn't it? You'll get turbine multi either way you go. I'd opine you'll look stronger to the majors if you can offer time that is closest to how the majors operate, i.e. scheduled operations that operate over a regular route structure. Something like a commuter. Of course, fractionals operate turbojet equipment in the Class A route structure.

Another consideration might be the training environment. Perhaps showing that you can pass 121/135 SIC and PIC rides at a commuter might look stronger because those are the rides you'll get in the majors. Also, class at a commuter may be more like what you'll get in the majors.

Just a couple of thoughts. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

Good luck with your career.
If you live in Florida flying a 402 to the islands is a great experience and a great way to get some real PIC time. In the end having PIC time is what is going to get you hired at anyplace worth working at.
Airnet is not a fractional. There are alot of postings here on Airnet...135 cargo, flying piston twins and lears.

Thanks for the clarification. :)

Once again, I'd say schedule operations is the key. Experience flying a schedule(s) over regular routes will look very good to the majors. The turbojet time will look even better.

Once again, good luck with your career.
I hear people arguing this subject all the time. Some people argue that majors respect 135 jet over 121 turboprop, and others argue the opposite. I know countless captains at various majors and nationals who all say the same thing. "As long as you meet our mins, you are as good as the next man". One thing I do hear these guys say everytime is " It' not what you have, It's who you know".

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