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121 drivers- legal??

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Hello to all once again-

Quick question - Is it "legal" or "allowed" to jumpseat on 121 carriers as a part 135 pilot NOT on the so called "magic" list that most 121 carriers have that states carriers who "CAN" jumpseat on them???

I have "heard" from some people/pilots that as long as I have my company photo ID that states FAA air carrier certificate number, hire date, employee number along with my medical I "can" jumpseat on some 121 carriers even though we are not on that "list".....- any truth to this???

Some have said its the captains call NOT the ticket/gate agents call??
I met a 747 cargo driver and he says "no problem"- I am welcome any time BUT I dunno if this is/should be allowed.....

Any insight would be greatly appreciated since I don't want to try something that could get me into any trouble....

thx ahead for the heads up....
These "lists" you refer to are a company thing; but not like ops specs that are enforceable by the FAA. They are more of a guideline as to which carriers have specific reciprocating agreements with other carriers. At some companies, a pilot could get in trouble for allowing pilots from other than listed carriers to jumpseat. In six months at my current carrier, I have yet to see any list, though I have heard of one.

The worst thing to happen will be you getting denied the seat.
Several years ago you would be able to ride on UA. The nonsked 135 guys were the lowest in priority. Good luck post sept 11 in finding anyone with a lax jumpseat.
" " These "lists" you refer to are a company thing; but not like ops specs that are enforceable by the FAA" " - - -

BUT it seems like the ticket/gate agents can and would get on a "power" or ego trip to deny a 135 guy the jumpseat IF the 135 operator is "not" on that magic list.....??then what could one do > request to speak to captain after being denied once @ gate may just add fuel to the fire ......dunno though!!

I was just curious about other 135 guys trying to do this..

thx again
My airline maintains a list that is updated frequently on who we allow to jumpseat. A few 135 operators are on it. ( The big names). You won't get on any of our aircraft if your company isn't on the list. Sorry.
Our operations manual states that we cannot let anybody ride who is not on our list. I wish it were not true, but I have heard that getting on the list isn't difficult.
As a 135 guy who has jumpseated a few times, i have to say that before 9/11 it was probably possible to get on without being on the list. Now however, i don't think it is very easily done.

For instance, we used to have probably the most lax rider options that i have ever heard of. All you had to do was call and get on our list, no matter who you worked for as long as you had a company I.D. and your lic. and medical. Unfortunately that has changed. We are only allowed to carry those pilots from our reciprocal list until further notice. I have a feeling that it is that way throughout the industry, but i am sure there are some out there who would probably let you on.

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