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121 Currency

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Don't you wish
Nov 25, 2001
I have a question for those check airman or anyone who can answer this...

I just returned from over 90 days of a furlough. During my re-currency in the sim I noticed I did not do any night take-off's and landings.

Am I legal? I looked up 121 reg's and it does not specify night, but going back to my 91 days I know of night currency.

Finally, I am FO if that makes any difference

You should be fine, since as you said, 121.439 does not mention a requirement for night landings. The requirement is simply to have made three takeoffs and landings in aircraft type within the preceding 90 days.

While 61.57 requires night takeoff and landing currency in order to carry passengers, that is only if acting as PIC. So as an FO, you wouldn't need to worry about it.
61:57 which deals with currency- both day and night, as well as IFR. If you continue to read this 61:57 (e) Exceptions
(2) This section does not apply to a Pilot in command employed by an air carrier certificated under part 121 or 135 if in compliance with 121.437 and 121.439
121.439 ...unless within the preceeding 90 days that person has made at least 3 t.o.s and landings in type.( no mention of night)-- However I believe or as I understand it if all 3 landings were in a visual simulator or not accomplished in 90 day period the 1 TO must include a simulated engine failure
1 landing must be from lowest min of an ILS
1 landing to full stop.

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