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106 Million for Air Marshals?

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#1 Windmilling

Well-known member
Apr 9, 2002
Just saw this and thought I would throw it out there. Has anyone heard of anyone being hired for an air marshal position? Thus far, I have only heard of folks getting the interview and several folks in my area are awaiting results. But hey, the 106 million has to be going somewhere, right?

Reuters Securities
New security prompts US air traffic control cuts

WASHINGTON, April 16 (Reuters) - Facing a $200 million budget shortfall largely due to increased security costs prompted by Sept. 11, the Federal Aviation Administration has reduced training and overtime for air traffic controllers to save money, senior officials said on Tuesday.

The agency responsible for managing the nation's air traffic system also told a Senate hearing it had imposed a partial controller hiring freeze to ease budget pressures.

About half the budget shortfall for this fiscal year has been offset by cuts while the agency said it was seeking $100 million from Congress to make up the rest.

``This puts an added strain on the operations budget,'' FAA Administrator Jane Garvey told an appropriations subcommittee. ``I believe we can reinstate the training and hiring with the $100 million.''

The FAA has spent $309 million since October to pay for security upgrades, which included $106 million for air marshals and $186 million to upgrade air traffic facilities and equipment.

Garvey said the budget squeeze comes as air traffic continues to rebound after the Sept. 11 hijack attacks and at the start of the busy spring and summer travel season when pressure on the aviation system is at its peak.

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