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1000 HR Private Pilot training for instrument

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Well-known member
Nov 1, 2005
Currently instructing a very high time pilot working on his instrument. Unfortunately his instrument skills, situational awarness, radio communication, aircraft control, and mental aptitude is horrible. The student has shown zero progress in the last few weeks.

I am not ready to give up yet, but, I was wondering if anyone has told an instrument student to stop training and fly VFR only and how they went about it?

Any other suggestions to make this person instrument rated?
He's nothing special...

Perhaps thinking of 1000 hrs. as "a very high time pilot" is the main problem. It's probably been a while since he has done any worth while training. You need to start at the beginning and go through an instrument syllabus without missing a step. Don't think that because he has some experience he should pick this up quickly. Instrument flying is very different from what he has probably been doing. Make him fly every part of the syllabus like he is a 60hr, wet ticket private pilot. I have found there are very few short cuts in instrument training. Everybody requires about the same amount of instruction to aquire the skills to pass an instrument rating check ride, whether they have 50 hrs. or 5000 hrs. Get him in the clouds as quickly as you can and HE will see the truth in it. Or he will decide to stay out of the clouds and give it up.
Good Luck

He is probably arrogant, has bad habits and resistant to change. I haven't had any luck with these types.


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