Warbirds Needed for Photoshoot


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Sep 23, 2003
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Hey all. I am a photographer based in New Hampshire and I am currently looking for warbirds and vintage era aircraft based in the New England area. I am comprising a few photo shoots and will be eventually be building a website with pin up photography and aircraft. Eventually I would like to get out a calendar annually to support a veterans charity. If you have an aircraft that you would be willing to let me photograph with a model or two please contact me. I will reciprocate with a large metal print of your choice for your hangar or office and a copy of all the images from the shoot. Outside of photography I am a professional pilot for a major airline and an avid GA pilot. I am a third generation photographer who is trying to reproduce some of my grandfathers photos he took in WW2 while in the Navy. I look forward to hearing from anyone that would like to work together. Here is a image we did with a Navy N3N.


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