Vision Test Necessary for Medical at AME?

Amish RakeFight

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Dec 28, 2005
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I've been without a medical for some time and would like to get it back. I shouldnt have issues with obtaining a first class health-wise, however, I have concerns with the vision part of the medical.

It has been my experience that the vision tests are not conducted very well and often the equipment found in some AME offices is very dated and old. My concern is that I might have some issue with passing the vision test in the AME's office. I just don't want any potential problems/delays with obtaining a first class because the nurse failed to properly administer the various tests properly.

I've heard that one can bring in an eye exam statement of sorts (stating 20/20 corrected) and waive the eye examination in the AME office. Is this true and how does one go about it procedurally. What type of papers are required, etc. also, must it come from an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) or will an optometrist exam suffice. The latter is not a doctor and normally only performs exams in an eye glass shop.


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Mar 27, 2005
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Google and print out the FAA report of eye exam. Have your eye doctor compete it at your eye exam. At your medical just give them the report and as long as no history of eye issue and your 20/20 they waive the eye exam. I’ve been doing the eye report for over 20 years. There is a time limit from date of eye exam to date of medical, I think it’s 60 days. I always do eye exam one week prior to medical