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Seaplane instructor beleives he is more important than a declared emergency.

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My Response Email

Dear Mr Hensch,

It was brought to my attention that you had a “little” problem with Orlando Tower over how they “wasted” your fuel while they handled an emergency MD80 coming in to land without a nose gear. I can understand being miffed about excess fuel being burned by you, however I believe your snotty attitude towards the Tower personnel was not only inappropriate, it was reprehensible coming from someone who should appreciate the extra measures ATC took on this date in order to take care of an emergency. I can only imagine how you would be screaming for help should a similar situation happen to you.

Over my 22 plus year career in aviation, I too have had issues with ATC. However, I have NEVER had the audacity to question their requests to remain clear of airspace during an emergency like you did per a recent publication of Orlando Tower ATC tapes. Your conduct was most unprofessional, and unbecoming of an aviator. You cluttered up ATC frequencies with your petty arguments, while an unknown number of lives were on the line.

I strongly urge you to reconsider your priorities vis a vis emergencies of others, and I suggest you find another line of work before you need emergency help from anyone that may know you, as I do not think it will be forthcoming in a timely manner…

Respectfully submitted…
BTW, Thanks A-Squared for his email addy. Yes, I did send that message to him.
I would hate to see what happens when he really gets a bad routing. I have seen some pretty out of the way routings for less of a reason then what was in the audio.

In any case should be a lesson to people to not act like an a$$ you never know who is listening these days.
Wow just wow. You can bet with high level of certainty someone recorded your audio outside of ATC. If the actions are bad enough you can bet someone within the gov will "leak" their copy.

I swear some guys think the world revolves around them.
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