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Scratchy Audio Panel

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FI Supporter
Jul 4, 2023
Type aircraft owned
CCX-2000 FX3
Base airport
Private SLE
Hey everyone, I have a new Carbon Cub CCX-2000 FX3. I have been having some scratchiness to my audio with the AOA and the announcements. Garmin G3X Touch, Full IFR panel with a GMA 245R Remote Audio panel. Any ideas? Cubcrafters can't figure it out, sending to Garmin but have not heard back. I would appreciate any input.

Very odd and hope it's something super simple. How I'd start narrowing this down would be testing my headsets in both pilot and passenger ports and see if there is any difference. Check the connectors on your GMA 245 over the rear seat to ensure they are secure in their ports. It sounds like CC is going to have to pay for you to go to an avionics shop and have them start looking into it under warranty.
Tested headsets GA plug and powered, Bose A20 and A 30, pilot and co pilot. Checked for loose wires. I'm trying to see if Peate at Cubcrafters can send the link to Garmin, no luck on my end. We do have an Avionics shop at greater Peoria airport, my next stop.

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