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Reportable Incident ?

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That scenario don't fly, the engine mount/nose gear on a 150 or 152 is definitely a major part of the airframe. Its a major repair to repair the engine mount on these aircraft, ref: FAR43 Appendix D. If you replace the mount its not a major repair, but is still airframe damage.
43 Appendix D covers 100 hour inspections... I think you've got Appendix A in mind, "Major Alterations, Major Repairs, and Preventative Maintenance". And that would be 43 App. A, b- Major Repairs. However, Part 43 is not the relevant section- we're not concerned with the classification and recording of alterations, repairs, or maintentance. We're dealing with notifying the FAA of an incident or accident. NTSB 830 is what we need to be looking at.

According to 830, damage to landing gear is not substantial damage, and I think this is where our IA was making the distinction. Bending up the nosegear of a 172 means you bend up the firewall, affecting the structural strength of the airframe. Bending the nosegear of a 152 bends part of the engine cradle. *shrugs* As far as I can see, that's how it could be reasoned out. What I do know is that they checked the firewall for damage, found none, grabbed a replacement cradle, filled out a maintenance entry and approved the aircraft for return to service.

Being just a pilot, that entry and approval is what I need to see. If they had to file a report on it, that's beyond the scope of my responsibility- so long as they fixed it and it's safe. I'm not an A&P, so all I have is the apocryphal stories the maintenance guys tell us to keep us dumb and happy.

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