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Well-known member
Jun 1, 2005
This is NEW name for Air Transport of the Carolinas!!!!!! Same people run this place,just a NEW name!! Same problems as before,QOL issues are a problem,as is compensation at FAR less than market rates!!! A REVOLVING door is still going on at this place!!!!! Pilots just do NOT want to stay at this place!!!!!!!(n)(n)(n)
As of this week this place AGAIN was hiring for pilots!!!!!!!! This place just CANNOT retain pilots at all!!! Check indeed.com!!
The revolving door has started again at this place!!!!!!!!!!!!(n)(n)(n)(n)
The current FBO at KFLO!!!!! What does a pilot think about an FBO that has a mgr with NO aviation experience at all running a business like an FBO??????????? Go figure!!!!!!!
As of today,10/1/2022,this place was running another ad on jsfirm.com for 2 pilots!!!!! This is the SAME outfit as the ,AIR TRANSPORT of the CAROLINAS outfit!!!!!! This mgmt VP down in Charleston is running this place. He is an absentee mgr,since he seldom goes to FLO. He is the same incompetent,ignorant fool that put UNQUALIFIED persons in charge of the PT.135 operation @ FLO back in 2018! that tells a lot about this guy! This outfit has already racked up PT.135/PT.119 violations in the thousands,since their attitude is one of complete INDIFFERENCE towards running a LEGAL on-demand charter service!!!
If the new chief pilot and Dir of Maint have any scruples at all,they will have cleaned up the mess left by TS and TG,the former mgrs,however,they cannot undo what was already before they got there!!!!!!
I reiterate my warning to any aviator that wants to fly for a LEGAL operation!!!!!!!!! Do NOT go to this place!!!!!!! If you get a violation from the FAA,you're finished as an aviator in the US
This place is STILL trying to hire pilots!!!!! I believe that jsfirm is more expensive than indeed.com is!!!!!!!!! Only charter operations with GOOD reputations are going to have a chance to hire pilots,NOT this place!!!!!!!!!(n)(n)(n)(n)
Another ad on jsfirm.com from this place trying to hire (2) pilots!!!! This place has been trying to hire pilots since 2019,the ones they do hire simply will NOT stay there!!!!!!!!!! A qualified pilot with no violations is NOT going to want to go to this place!!!!!!!!!(n)(n)(n)(n)
This outfit is STILL trying to hire pilots,last week another ad was displayed on jsfirm.com stated they had 2 positions available located now at Georgetown,S,C.!!!!
Again,my advice is to stay away from this place,unless you want to get violated by the FAA,or injured or killed in an aviation crash!!!!!!!!!!!
This place is STILL advertising for pilots on jsfirm.com!!!!!! Do NOT believe what they say!!!!!!!!! Stay away from this place!!!!! Its the same as Air Transport of the Carolinas,run by the same people,who are CLUELESS about aviation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(n)(n)(n)(n)(n)(n)