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Please Help F/a's Get Osha Protection!!

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Wings Level

Have any pilots experienced "toxic air" onboard the plane.

Yeah....it came from the Captain...

Seriously, I agree with those who urge caution with respect to this move. Julie--what specific issues are you most interested in correcting?
Okay I will try and expain why I think this is important. First off let me say they we are one of the only groups in transportation that is not protected by OSHA at all. The FAA has not addressed many issues including regualting air quality, regulating oversize luggage, working with damaged equipment such as broken carts, inoperable equipment, not looking at issues such as flying while pregnant, radiation and numerous things such as the company abiding by helath standards. We are currently looking to be certifed such as the pilot group but that's another issue. OSHA will provide us with more health and saftey protection, even if it's just a little. And I promise I will not cry over a little water on the galley floor;) I hope this information helped clarify. Happy Flying

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