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FYI Outfitting your hangar

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Forums Chief Pilot
Staff member
Oct 31, 1996
Type aircraft owned
Carbon Cub FX-3
Base airport
As a new aircraft owner I had questions on items to have for my hangar. I welcome others to add to the list for consideration. Here are some of the items that come to mind:
  • A nice tool chest for organization of storage of not only tools but spare parts. I got mine from Lowes
  • Fire extinguisher, I believe my airport outlined the requirement but this is the one I got. - Amazon product ASIN B00F5CKJJU
  • Heavy gauge extension cord. I have one outlet in my hangar so getting power to various places requires a good extension cord. My hangar is also inspected annually by the airport / fire chief so any risk items could be an issue, this is one they address
  • Lights! The ceiling light is terrible in my hangar so I keep this one on top of my refrigerator and this one is a floor standing one that is really nice.
  • Handheld lights are nice for when you do work, I have a few. Consider rechargeable.
  • Big fan of grypmat for organizing stuff you remove for service
  • Organizer trays such as for tackle also work well
  • Tool carts - I have two. One is for cleaning/detailing, the other is for tools and accessories
  • Shelving for storage. I have two shelf systems for keeping gear, etc.
  • Harbor freight is where I got a nice tool chest of various tools that have come in handy
  • Various tools, air compressor, vacuum, a work table, ladder(s), one of those things you can lay on and work on the plane from underneath, etc.
  • Chocks
  • Chairs for friends that visit
  • Cold drinks :) and some food is nice too
  • I also have a bluetooth speaker to play some music at times - Edifier I think is the brand I went with

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