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Navy Ship question?

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I'm sure an Al Qaeda mole is waiting for some armchair quarterback on fi to provide sensitive infor re the Navy rather than going directly to sites that provide that info in one sitting.

Maybe you should've directed that comment at the original poster.

If you have access to the closed door intel on this topic, it'll scare the hell out of you.
Once again, I'm sure the bad guys can just google or ask jeeves to get their info rather than reading our posts for all the highly sensitive info that has been offered.
I always liked the Big battleships, Iowa class I think. Seeing those things unleash a broadside was impressive and armed, as they ended up being, with cruise missiles made it even more impressive.

Sadly, they are no more, perhaps relics of an old age, yet the type served well in GW1.
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You can walk on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk,VA. I think I heard a rumor that some group was going to refurb the interrior and open it up for tours as well.

Standing in front of it and looking at the bow is a striking view.

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