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Mixture Control issue- carbon cub

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FI Supporter
Aug 25, 2003
Type aircraft owned
Cubcrafters FX3 (CCX-2000)
Base airport
I was giving family members a ride today in the FX3, so lots of up and downs, and on my second to last flight, I noticed the mixture knob lost the "clicks" associated with pushing and pulling the knob. The ratcheting mechanism appears to have either broken or loosened up and now the mixture knob "glides" in and out. Do you have any idea what could cause this and (since I'm on the road) if there is a quick and easy way to check out what's going on?


No idea how that is handled, seems like there would be something that tightens around the cable. My former FX-3 was good, my new FX-3 is very tight. I'm wondering if where the cable comes through the panel if there is a twist to tighten for example? Maybe shoot [email protected] an email and let us know what they say?
I'll let y'all know! Thanks Neal
There has to be some sort of friction adjustment. On a RV (motorhome kind) trip right now so can't investigate to see how it would be done.
Pete got back to me--this is what he had to say:

Just behind the instrument panel is a notch in the cable housing that a spring that wraps around the housing fits into and rides against the detents on the inner cable that you can see when the cable is pulled out. That spring has either popped out of the notch in the outter housing or it has broken. If you can get a look at it you may be able to reposition it back in place if it just popped out, otherwise it will need a new mixture cable assembly.

Picture attached hereto

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