I regret signing a decertification card.


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Jan 13, 2006
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That's the phrase I'm hearing more and more these days.

The more and more I talk to people, the more it seems people are changing their minds about Ole Frank and his boys. Frank letting the cat out of the bag his decertification efforts and subsequent Gulfstream placement was merely part of his personal self advancement / protection plan (a plan us regulars will never get) for his future guaranteed resignation from this pit really spelled it out for most. No amount of back peddling can save him from his own words.

Despite immense pressure from some outspoken pilots to sign a card I never have. However, if I were in that position and now regretted it, I would be sending the NMB a notice to rescind. In that vein, I thought it would be helpful to give a sample copy pilots could easily type and paste on their own to speed up that process.

I don't represent the union, I'm not part of any form of leadership or committee. I get their hands are tied but mine aren't. As just one of the regular but union supportive folks out there who doesn't want my future upended by a bunch of IGMs, I wanted to help out.

Here's a sample letter and the correct address:

National Mediation Board
Attn: Aviation Card Drive Oversight
1301 K St NW
# 250E
Washington, DC 20005

To Whom It May Concern:

There is a current showing of interest card drive regarding the pilot group at OneSky/Flight Options/Flexjet. It is my opinion that misinformation and/or impropriety has taken place in order to boost the numbers necessary to trigger a new "representation" vote.

I do not want to risk losing my current representation by the IBT 1108 by going to another vote. With so much misinformation and management interference, I am concerned we have a very confused pilot group that thinks they are getting something the card drive organizers have no intention of offering.

Accordingly, in the event a card regarding a showing of interest is turned in with my information, please consider this notice as my intention to rescind my interest and/or alert I have no intetest.

My identifying and contact information is:

Pilot Name
Pilot Address
Pilot Phone Number
Pilot email

In the event there will be a vote, I would suggest the NMB make it crystal clear the options are to be represented by a Union or no representation at all. The card drive organizers are on public record admitting their plan is to implement a straw man union and resign the next day, essentially guaranteeing pilots will lose all representation rights.

Outside of a pilot representation plan, seated board and filled committee positions, the NMB should not allow another union to be offered as a representation choice.



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