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EarthX battery for Experimental Aircraft

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Very pleased with the EarthX battery! I had not had it on charge since my last flight a week ago and have been using it throughout the week for my landing light project as well as a long Garmin update yesterday. I went to fly, volts were around 12.8 to 12.9 so that's around 40-50% state of charge. The engine cranked strong and was no issue starting! Impressive. What's also nice is that LiFePO4 batteries can take a higher charge rate, pretty much anything you can throw at it, so the alternator was throwing 20-25A at it so helping it recharge faster than the prior setup. Highly recommend!
I highly recommend raising your seat and verifying what battery you have installed, make sure you have an EarthX (blue) or a AGM (orange). Based on your production order experience, I don't know what you have under your seat :)
That is an excellent idea. Of course I just came back from the hangar.
Tweaked the numbers, looks like if you don't connect the values you will get gaps as I thought. Here's what I'm running with...hopefully for good.

Stopped at the Hangar and checked my battery, definitely an Earth X battery. I'm curious, did you take a picture of your config settings before you changed them with the Earth X battery. I'm curious if my battery is config'd to the standard battery.

Looks like my Config is set to a non Earth-X battery. Email headed to Pete. Thanks Neal!
Looks like my Config is set to a non Earth-X battery. Email headed to Pete. Thanks Neal!
I asked Pete when on the phone with him and mentioned I didn't think your numbers were right that you sent me. He felt the GDU replacement should not have affected them. Anyhooo, here is what he emailed me when I asked him for the numbers for EarthX. Click here for the post.
Follow up on my EarthX ETX-900 experience.

Absolutely love this battery! Yesterday I flew, it's been two weeks since the last flight. I did an avionics update prior to flying without being on the charger, I have not used the charger for a while now. So two weeks and avionics update, I was concerned if I would be able to turn over the prop to start. On the prior SBJ-J16 it would definitely struggle. Yesterday - nope. Strong start, no concerns whatsover.

Also, very happy with the settings I'm using for voltages.

Highly recommend switching to EarthX!

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